Let’s Get Started!

We take pride in providing clients with a successful formula for buying, selling businesses and commercial property. Here’s a look at the process of owning a Business Finders Canada franchise and the steps you need to take to invest in the booming commercial real estate industry through a franchise.

The Process


Step 1: Research and Pass a Prerequisite Check

We receive a large number of inquiries into franchise ownership. To be sure potential franchisees are able to make an investment, we require a few financial prerequisites. For more details on those financial requirements, explore our investment page.


Step 2: Complete The Franchise Application

We want you to know the answers to all of your critical questions. Upon satisfaction of your questions and a scheduled conference call with our team, you will COMPLETE THE FRANCHISE APPLICATION.

We want to know what makes you stand out. You have a lot going for you, and we want to hear about your past successes.

The application asks a number of straight forward questions in several pertinent categories, including:

  • Your personal information
  • Your employment and business background
  • Your assets
  • Your liabilities
  • Your total net worth


Step 3: Discovery Day

This is essentially a laid-back job interview. If you can we would like you to come to our headquarters and meet our team face-to-face. You’ll get a feel for our culture, policies, and more.

We also want to know more about you. What makes you tick, why would you excel at business ownership, and why are you interested in owning a Business Finders Canada franchise?

Furthermore, we’re going to give you the foundation of what you need to know during this process, including what to expect from us, what we’re going to expect and need from you, what and when the milestones and deadlines are between now and ownership and what it means to be part of the Business Finders Canada team.

Additionally, we’ll review the financial prerequisites and go over everything in detail, including what your investment dollars are going toward, why we have these qualifiers, and when you need to have payments ready.

After your Discovery Day, we’ll meet as a team and make a decision on whether to continue in the franchising process and if you feel a Business Finders Canada franchise is right for you.

If so, we’ll send you the Franchise Agreement.


Step 4: Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Once you’ve pre-qualified, we’ll send you a copy of the Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Be sure to read and review the entire document carefully, as it contains critical information about owning a Business Finders Canada franchise. The Franchise Agreement is our contract. It lays out all of the terms, pricing, and other important aspects of this mutual agreement, like your protection of territory, franchise fee, royalties and other fees, training and support, and more.

Carefully review the document.


Step 5: Financing

You’ll need to have a plan for financing before signing the Franchise Agreement. Chances are that even when you’re financially qualified, you’ll still be in need/in search of financing.

We can help you in this process. Fortunately, it’s typically easier to acquire financing when franchising opposed to starting a business on your own.


Step 6: Get Started

Get that Franchise Agreement signed so we can start planning your trip to headquarters for training and show you what the rest of your onboarding schedule will look like! It’s official, you’re part of the Business Finders Canada family. To get started, contact us today to speak with a representative! Or just fill in the request more information  click here.